Surfing is a thrilling water sport as it raises the adrenaline level, causing off-the-chart excitement for new and experienced surfers. However, prospective surfers need a good surfing school to learn the art. For those in search of one, here’s why you should give serious thought to Manly Surf School.


Manly Surf School is licensed to teach you the sport. As a result, you are certain they are trained, qualified, and able to teach the basics and complexities of surfing.

Trustworthy licensing bodies like the ASI (The Academy of Surfing Instructors) and ISA (The International Surfing Association) have given Manly Surf School a Thumbs Up and so you should think seriously about learning from them. By and large, a surfing school that is licensed by either of these international associations can be considered a great option.


Experience is an added advantage in the business of running a surfing school. To this end, Manly Surf School has seen changes in the trend and can use that advantage while teaching.

It might interest you to know that they have no fewer than 20-year of experience. This is enough time to have understood the trends and use them to the student’s advantage.

Good Instructors

A good surfer does not necessarily mean a good surfing instructor. Some people are great professionals but not good at teaching people the sport.

You should make sure your surfing school has a lot of good instructors to avoid this. The instructors at Manly Surf School are warm, able to help you relax your nerves (if/when you have fears), push you to a safe limit, amongst other things.

Material Resource

The school also has all the pieces of equipment required. Furthermore, you should also know that their material is up to standard. For example, they have surfing boards suitable for every age group.

Various Classes

Speaking of age groups, Manly Surf School has age-sensitive programs. This means that kids, teenagers, adults … are taught by professionals that understand their differences and how to teach the sport with regard to this.

Positive Track Record

It is advised that you stay away from experienced surfing schools that have nothing to show for all their hard work over the years. This can be a red flag as a good and experienced school should be able to showcase the people it has trained. Against this backdrop, Manly Surf School is a great option. They have trained several well-known professionals to do well in the sport.


The environment that Manly Surf School offers is second to none in terms of safety and serenity. So, the possibility of accidents is null and students can concentrate.

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