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Montessori to Kindergarten

  • Students will respond to simple commands
  • Students will listen to and recite simple words and phrases
  • Students will listen to short conversations/stories on familiar topics
  • Students will listen and recite expression of feelings
  • Students will listen and recite colors, shapes, and numbers
  • Students will listen and recite simple prayers, songs and poems
  • Students will greet and take leave of people
  • Students will follow simple instructions
  • Students will perform songs in target language


Grade 1 to 3

  • Students will greet people, make small talk and close conversations
  • Students will give and follow simple instructions and ask and answer questions
  • Students will express likes and dislikes
  • Students will describe people, places and things in their daily lives
  • Students will respond to simple commands
  • Students will recite songs, poems and prayers with appropriate expression
  • Students will present descriptions of familiar people, places and things to the class
  • Students will use appropriate gestures and oral expressions for greetings, leave-takings and courtesy phrases
  • Students will participate in cultural activities such as games, songs, celebrations and short dialogues
  • Students will identify and describe a variety of objects from the target culture
  • Students will identify parts of the world where the target language is spoken
  • Students will explore topics related to other school subjects in the target language including weather terms, math facts, animals, measurements or geographic content
  • Students will recognize that words are borrowed from one language to another
  • Students will make basic comparisons between the celebrations of the target culture and their own culture
  • Students will perform song or skit in the target language for the class


Grade 4 to 5

  • Students will read brief written messages and short personal notes in target language
  • Students will follow simple written instructions
  • Students will give and follow directions to carry out a specific task and ask questions for clarification
  • Students will state likes and dislikes about objects, people and events in their everyday lives
  • Students will recite or perform a brief poem, prayer, song or skit
  • Students will write short messages on greeting cards for holidays
  • Students will introduce themselves and others in front of the class
  • Students will demonstrate difference between formal and informal vocabulary
  • Students will identify and discuss typical behaviors for various holidays in target culture
  • Students will identify on a map the countries and capitals where target language is spoken
  • Students will use vocabulary from other school subject areas in target language
  • Students will indentify and compare cultural perspectives of people in both their own culture and the culture   being studied relating to family, school, work and play
  • Students will recognize the process of word/idea borrowing from one language by another
  • Students will write and recite alphabet in target language
  • Students will identify people in the community who use the target language
  • Students will present information to others about the target language’s culture


Grades 6 to 8

  • Students will express and react to a variety of feelings
  • Students will indentify emotions and feelings from selected reading material
  • Students will present understandable written reports and summaries
  • Students will perform short, student-created skits
  • Students will present brief speeches
  • Students will retell stories
  • Students will use and respond appropriately to idiomatic verbal and nonverbal expression
  • Students will create dialogues between friends and adults demonstrating difference between formal and informal language
  • Students will identify the areas in the U.S. where target language is most commonly spoken discussing the impacts
  • Students will write or present reports in target language on topics being studied in other classes
  • Students will compare and contrast a variety of art forms with their own culture through oral or written descriptions
  • Students will research and present a topic related to the target language or culture