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Sara Walz, Science, Technology


Ms. Walz’s Biography


My name is Sara Walz   I am the 6th, 7th, and  8th grade science and computer teacher at St. Margaret of Scotland . I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant and Soil science and I presently hold a certification in teaching for 6 through 9th grade science. I have completed post graduate work in Education at St. Louis University and Microbiology and Clinical Science at San Diego State University. 


I have a passion for travel and a strong interest in the cultures where you really get to know the indigenous people.  That is why I joined the Peace Corp and lived four wonderful years in the Philippines and surrounding areas. 

I am always searching for opportunities to better my education such as summer classes and workshops.  I love to read, take walks in the park, rescue animals, and spend time communing with nature. 


I have two lovely children.  My son just graduated from college and works for the Missouri Conservation Department.   My daughter has many talents and is presently back at school obtaining a Masters in counseling.