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May 4, 2012



It All Continues to Come to Fruition

Confirmation Was Holy and Reverent and Beautiful -

so very full of the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  The Vicar General, Monsignor Rivituso, confirmed 44 confirmandi last night – each one accompanied by their sponsor and lots of family.  Needless to say, it was a full church.  The choir turned out in full to sing the congregation to prayer.  Deacon Joe Iovanna returned to assist Msgr. Rivituso and to be part of this sacrament for students whom he knew well from his time at SMOS.  And the students! I am in awe of their choices for sponsors – wonderfully active parishioners who make the best possible role models; grand parents whose love for these adolescents is apparent; brothers and sisters whose relationships with these young adolescents is formative.  As is the custom with Confirmation, those being confirmed are invited to choose a saint whose life choices are especially meaningful for him or her.  Our students chose saints such as St. Francis Xavier, St. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Moses the Black, St. Benedict the Black, St. Aloysius, St. Maria Goretti and more.  It is all very inspiring.


Archdiocesan Final Speech Meet

I reported several times about our Jr. High Bellarmine Speech team and their many successes – lots of blue and gold ribbons.  Last weekend was the final meet.  The final meet is the most challenging, the students competing are the best of the school’s team and the judges expect the best and judge critically. Congratulations to:

Emma Potts in 8th grade for her trophy performance.

Grace Clemens and Marisa Holloway in 8th grade for their gold ribbon performance.

Hannah Clemens in 7th grade for her blue ribbon performance.

Emma will be performing next Wednesday evening at Performance Arts Night.

Congratulations to all of our speech team members for a year of successes and a powerful  ending.  Many thanks to coaches, Ms. Wucher and Ms. Rosene – they could not be so successful without you.


Authors Get the Chance to See their Work on Stage

Weeks and weeks ago Darrell Barber, SMOS parent, writer, performer, came in and worked with our 1st – 6th graders helping them to author stories with well developed plots and characters.  The students and teachers, alike, raved about the experience.  Mr. Barber collected the stories, carefully read each one and has chosen one from each class to be performed Wednesday night at Performance Arts Night.  Mr. Barber has arranged for actors from Fontbonne University to perform the stories. 


Remember the COWs?

Thanks to your efforts and your careful shopping choices, we have $3000.00 from Box Tops For Education in the COW fund.  Super thanks to Erica Duggan and to all of our parents who clip those little box tops time after time after time. 


Did You Notice the Map on the Blacktop?

Last weekend one of the high school girl scout troops made up of our SMOS grads came in and began re-painting the map. The map had last been repainted some 5 years ago; it was beginning to look very worn.  It is a favorite place space for many of our students. The girls scouts are almost finished but in need of paint.  If you have any partially used gallons of brown, grey or yellow the girls could make use of them.  But you will have to act fast, they hope to finish this weekend.


Scholastic Book Fair

Get a jumpstart  on your summer reading list at the annual SMOS Book Fair!


Wednesday, May 9 – 3:00 pm to 9:00pm; open before and after Performance Arts Night

Thursday, May 10 – 3:00 to 6:30 pm

Friday, May 11 – 3:00 to 6:30 pm


We also have an online fair this year that will be open beginning today and running through May 22.  Shop on line at:


Volunteers Needed for a Relatively Easy Job!

Want to help SMOS’s easiest fundraiser by volunteering for ALMOST NO WORK? We’ve got just the opportunity for you! NO COMMITMENT needed! If you attend Mass at SMOS at any of the weekend Masses, we need your (extremely minimal) help! Volunteers sell the SHOPS gift certificates after each Mass of the weekend at SMOS. A strong core of volunteers has been running this beautifully. But from time to time, we need alternates who can sub in for one Mass when someone is unable to be at their regular Mass. The total time commitment is about 10 min. Please FastDirect or call Emily Schiltz at 314-401-3714 if you would be willing to help. Thanks!




Other information and announcements…


Bread Pickup – After many years of organizing and picking up bread from the Bread Co.  Sr. John is giving it up!!! – Therefore, Tuesday, May 8th will be the last bread day!  If someone is interested in taking over the job, please feel free to call the store manager at The St. Louis Bread Co. on Loughborough, phone, 353-8227.  In addition to this, you would also need to take over the organizing of drivers for pick ups each week.


Dragon Raffle – Parents, please get those raffle tickets sold and sent into the school office.  Remember, this is the ONLY MANDATORY fund raiser SMOS has. 


Picnic – If your family is intending to attend the school picnic, please send in your reservation form.  This is used to project how much food to purchase, cook, etc.  Help out all these picnic volunteers by giving them accurate numbers to work with.  Please send in by deadline of May 11th….tomorrow!!!


Health Screenings – Today your child will be bringing home the results of the health screening done here at school.  In some cases, the screening note will request that further testing be done.  Please follow through as soon as possible.


Athletic Association - Soccer and volleyball registration is here!!!!


If your child is interested in playing soccer or volleyball, we have opened our on-line registration. To sign up, you must access our webpage by clicking on the link (  The registration fee is $50 per sport per child, which can be paid online. Deadline to register is May 15.


Players must register and pay activity fee during this period to be included on final rosters.


Once you are on our webpage, you can find directions on loading your family information.  If you have already registered, you will just need to log on to validate your information. We recommend loading all children even if they do not play one of these sports. After you have completed loading the family information, you can sign up.  Please remember that the grade levels are for the 2012-2013 school year.  For more information, contact the following Board members:


Judge Dowd Soccer (grades Pre-K through 2nd) – Rick Blaes 771-9373

CYC Soccer (grades 3 – 8) – Jake Budde – 707-4491

Volleyball (grades 3 – 8) – Kathy Kennebeck 773-1715



SHOPS – your child is also bringing home a listing of all of our in-stock vendors.  Be sure to place your order and send into school.  Your child will bring it home the same day!!!  Thanks.

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