Thursday Newsletter

March 8, 2012




Things are looking up, only 23 children absent today! And 2 teachers who have finally succumbed to the germs.  Bleach seems to be the overwhelming scent in both of our buildings.  The coughing although still prevalent seems to be diminishing, and far fewer of the stomach/head ache complaints.  Fingers crossed, knock on wood, maybe we are all on the mend!  Thank you to all those parents who kept their sick child home an extra day just to be sure.  I think it has helped.


Fast Direct Devotees!

I know there are many of our parents who check Fast Direct on a very regular basis and many who communicate with teachers via Fast Direct.  I appreciate your dedication to our most used means of communication. 

If you are one of our parents who really likes the “email notification” piece of Fast Direct, then read on.  You can now set your Fast Direct account to always receive an email notification when anyone has sent you a Fast Direct emessage.  Until now that email notification was dependent on the message sender remembering to click “email notification” but no longer.  I hope I get these directions correct, your Fast Direct homepage looks very different from mine.  On the homepage if you scroll down to the message bar that allows you to choose view report cards or view grade book – it’s very near the picture of the girl holding books.  You will see a menu bar titled “Display Parent Data.”  If you select Display Parent Data, you will be given that original page in which you were asked to give all of your emergency information, address, phone numbers, email address(es).  On that page you can now select to always have an email notification sent to you when a sender has sent an emessage.  While you are in that page, you might check to be sure that all of the other information is still accurate. 


Spring Keeps Teasing Us!

St. Louis March is always a little random when it comes to weather, but this year, oh my!  Spring will come, of that we can be sure.  The girls are allowed to wear leggin’s under their jumpers and skorts during the winter months.  It seems that it is about time to switch back over to shorts under those jumpers and skorts.  I know they love the fashion statement of the leggin’s but I think the uniform look is what we are after.  The little  children, especially, play very hard at recess; the shorts under their uniforms really help with the modesty issue.

Speaking of the uniform look – I happened to be in the hall yesterday and noticed that of the 6 girls standing there, their socks ranged from bright blue to pink to one of each color to white with a purple band. The boys, of course, seem to be going for the “elite” sock look with the stripe up the back.  Simple, inexpensive and uniform, please!  (“solid navy, red or white”)  I appreciate their desire to want to be different and show their originality – but we, so much, prefer to witness that in their writing assignments and their art work and dozen other thinking and learning demonstrations of originality and uniqueness.  In their dress, we’ll stay with the tried and true – simple, inexpensive and uniform.


Three Cups of Tea

Our 7th graders as part of religion class have just finished reading Three Cups of Tea.  Today they closed their study of the book and the Middle Eastern culture with tea and pitas.  Displayed in the cafeteria are some projects based on their study of the book.  I think we may have some budding architects. There are some amazing constructions on display.  When I asked whether or not I should read the copy that has been sitting on my table for a month, the consensus was “yes, read the book!”



Art@SMOS is still looking for a few more volunteers to teach in this year's pilot program.  Training will take place on Tuesday, March 20th at 8 a.m. in the school cafeteria.  If that time does not work for you, and/or if you have questions about volunteering, please contact parent Mary Lisa at or 322-3228.


An Invitation from the SMOS Church Choir

Greetings, good friends of St. Margaret's!


Erin Go Bragh,  yes, the time's almost here  -

for Corned Beef and Cabbage and Music and Beer.


The Choir will be merry and regale you with tunes -

we hope to raise funds for our Scot trip next June.


And do not forget, half the shillings and pennies -

will help the good folks working for our St. Vinny.


So scroll down below for the  "when"  and the "where"  -

our St. Patrick's Day Dinner will be quite the affair!



Other information and announcements…


Year book news – The PTA is hard at work on putting the year book together, but first, your help is needed.  Your child is bringing home a Media Authorization today, it is on a blue piece of paper, PLEASE fill the authorization out and return as soon as possible so that your permission is given in order for your child to be in the yearbook. In order for the yearbook to be printed before school ends in May, these permissions need to be returned very quickly….please help us out and return the form QUICKLY!!!


School Health Screening – on March 28th, our school health screening will take place.  Hearing, Distance and Near Vision, Height and Weight (BMI).  Random Dot E will be screened on preschool – 3rd graders.  Blood pressure will be checked on 5th – 8th graders.  Results will be sent home to parents.  If you do NOT want your child to participate, please contact the school in writing.


SVDP Easter Egg Hunt- Saturday, April 7 –

Rain or Shine the hunt begins promptly at 10 a.m.
Prizes and treats for all ages 0-13
Suggested Donation of $5 a child or $10 per family

Michelle LaPorte is beginning to collect donations of plastic easter eggs and candy to stuff the eggs. Please drop off donations in the school office before Friday, March 30. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Financial Aid Reminder – it is hard to believe it is already March, therefore, the deadline to apply for financial aid is only weeks away.  The deadline is April 1st and your taxes must be complete in order to apply.  The packets are available in the school office, just send a message to Chris Stephens and one will be sent home or stop by and ask!!


Athletic Association News

Movie Night

SMOS Athletic Association is pleased to announce our 3rd movie night at the gym on Saturday, March 10, 2012. A $5 bag of popcorn will get you in the door, there will be $0.50 refills and other concessions will be available for 2 feature length movies.  Presented on a huge 18’ screen brought to you by Frontyard Features: 6:00 Up (PG) and at 8:00 Puss in Boots (PG).  Hang with your friends and bring a pillow, sleeping bag or bean bag to lounge on.  Parents are welcome to stay, but not required. A signup sheet with contact information is available for younger viewers.

SHOPS – please remember to use your SHOPS cards weekly….it is the easiest / no cost fundraiser we have!!!

The following is a list of all the “in stock” items that we have, just let us know what you need and your order will be sent home.



Child’s grade:____________(to send home)




BP Gasoline

________@  $ 50.00


CVS Pharmacy

________@  $ 25.00



________@  $ 25.00



________@  $100.00


Home Depot

________@  $ 25.00



________@  $ 15.00



________@  $ 25.00


Panera Bread Co.

________@  $ 10.00


Papa John’s

________@  $ 10.00


Shell Gasoline

________@  $ 25.00


Shop ‘n Save

________@  $ 25.00


Shop ‘n Save

________@  $100.00



________@  $ 10.00



________@  $ 25.00



________@  $100.00



________@  $ 25.00


Wal Mart

________@  $100.00



                                                                 Total =








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