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January 4, 2018

Thursday, January 4, 2018, News…

Dear Families of St. Margaret of Scotland School,

Happy New Year! It’s so good to be back in school after a wonderful Christmas break! Anyone who was wondering, “Where’s winter?” got the answer! We can be thankful for warmth in our homes and our school. Let us remember in our prayers those who cannot take this gift for granted.


Our theme for the month of January is “Taking on NEW Challenges!” We’ve already taken on quite a few. Some are still in process, and some (our amazing Christmas musical, “A Play in a Manger,” for one!) are complete!


Looking ahead, there is much work yet to accomplish and exciting events still in store…


Healthy Kids in the Bon Appetit Kitchen at SMOS—In collaboration with our newly-formed WeSnack (Wellness—School Nutrition for Active Kids) Committee, first through third graders will be introduced to an exciting, hands-on nutrition program sponsored and provided by Bon Appetit Management Company, and with special thanks to our local contact, Mr. David Murphy. After a preparation lesson here at school, third graders will tour the Washington University cafe on January 8 with the Bon Appetit chefs, learn about recycling/composting and meal preparation. They will discover the origins of the foods they eat and the names of parts of plants. After sampling a variety of foods, they will enjoy lunch together before returning to school. First and second graders will each enjoy a one-hour workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 9 and 10, making fruit kabobs in their warm classrooms here at school. Yum!


Catholic Schools Week 2018—January 28-February 2—CSW is a national celebration of Catholic education sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) of which St. Margaret is a member. (You may recall the last national convention was hosted in St. Louis, and your children were home from school during Easter week last year because of it!) It is the custom in the Archdiocese of St. Louis to celebrate this week primarily at the local level. However, the St. Louis Review publishes a special issue that focuses on Catholic schools in this archdiocese. In addition to our own centennial celebration, the archdiocese celebrates 200 years of Catholic education! Interesting fact: Our archdiocese is named for a saint, who, like St. Margaret, was a good spouse, parent, ruler and minister to the poor. And, we are the ONLY archdiocese with an arch!


Speaking of NCEA—In January, Catholic schools administer the NCEA IFG: ACRE (Information for Growth: Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education) in fifth and eighth grades. The purpose of this tool is

to assist in the assessment of the effectiveness of our catechetical/religious education programs;
to summarize how well our fifth and eighth graders have learned the basic teachings of the Catholic church;
to assess religious beliefs, attitudes, practices, and perceptions of our students in these grades;
to provide information about areas of strengths and any areas in need of additional attention or improvement.

We will share a summary of our report when it is available. St. Margaret of Scotland, pray for us!


Speaking of celebrations of Catholic education, in case you haven’t heard, SMOS is celebrating 100 years of providing this ministry in the City of St. Louis. Mark your calendars and reserve your seats for the Centennial Gala—February 3, 2018! For reservations and centennial materials, visit

In honor of this milestone, this newsletter comes to you in “Century” font.)






WINTER BLOOD DRIVE—Monday, January 15, 3:00—7:00 PM, Cafeteria

For more information, call Mary Beth Curran at 314.776.0363

Use group sponsor code 9447 to schedule online. Please eat and hydrate well before donating. MUST bring a photo ID to donate.

Last date to donate elsewhere: 11/20/17


[SVDP Logo 2] A Message from the St. Vincent de Paul Society…



Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

You did it again, an amazing job of providing fantastic bags full of gifts and goodies for our Giving Tree families! And, the IKEA bags worked perfectly! Thank you all so very, very much. And, a special shout out to Mrs. Sue Brown for all her help to organize and coordinate all your efforts!


It was also great that so many of you were able to be in the church hall during play practice on Giving Day again, so, you were able to see first-hand how happy our special families were to receive your gifts.


You might also be interested to know that, in addition to your IKEA bags, each family received over $320 in gift cards, about $360 to be pledged on their utility bills in January, a large pasta casserole, and fantastic homemade cookies from the Girl Scout troops. It was, indeed, a plentiful Christmas for our Giving Tree families thanks to the generosity of the St. Margaret of Scotland parish and school!


We look forward to working together again next Christmas, and all year long. You all do so much to help us help our neighbors in need throughout the year, we are so very grateful and appreciative. Thank you for caring about your community with such grace and loving spirit.  May you all have a blessed new year!


Prudence Kramer                                                     Kay Reid

President                                                                   Giving Tree Coordinator

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