Thursday Newsletter

January 25, 2018

Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year

Your invitation to register for next year is in your oldest or only child’s backpack.  Fr. O’Toole’s letter with the packet explains the annual increase for tuition. 

I urge you to read through the many opportunities for scholarship assistance and decide whether any of them apply to your family.  We are aware that SMOS tuition costs are commensurate with our neighboring Catholic schools but also aware that for some of our families tuition is a budgeting nightmare.  Let SMOS (or the Archdiocese) help, read through the page in your registration packet and then go on-line to see if your family qualifies.  There are scholarships for middle income families. Archdiocesan scholarship applications are open only for one month, January 29 – February 23.

If you are one of our non-Catholic families seeking to apply for Archdiocesan scholarship for the first time, please note that the Archdiocesan money runs out quickly.  Applications open on-line on January 29 – apply immediately. 
If your child is benefitting from Archdiocesan scholarship assistance this year, you might have received information from Today and Tomorrow Foundation already.  If you have not, it does not hurt to contact them.

Please also note the information in your packet on the new 529 tax benefit for families with children in Catholic schools.  I wish we could give you more information but there seems to be some confusion, go to your bank or contact your financial advisor or try the website if you navigate money matters easily.

The first of three registration payments is due on February 1st.  It is essential that you adhere to that date or contact Chris Stephens or myself to make arrangements for a later date.  On Sunday new families will visit our school hoping to find classroom space for their children.  Of course, our current students and their siblings come first but we must be able to respond to new families as soon as possible.  Remember when you were the family waiting to hear back from us.  Please, please attend to the February 1st request for registration.


ART@SMOS – As long as we are talking next year, begin to think now of ways to get directly involved in your child’s education.

Do you enjoy art and working with kids? Did you know art in kindergarten through second grade is taught by volunteers? That program is called Art@SMOS.
Twice a month, we send volunteers who enjoy working with kids into the classroom to facilitate art lessons (which are already written and laid out step-by-step). Volunteers also help prep materials and mount/hang artwork as their schedules permit. We also look for artists who might be able to come in and offer their expertise during a specific type of lesson in K-8th (i.e. ceramics, textiles, etc.), even if they cannot commit to biweekly lessons.
We try to recruit volunteers in the spring so they can come check out a couple of lessons before committing to helping in the classroom the following school year. Many of our volunteers have been helping out for 5 or 6 years and have kids who are well into middle school, so we are in need of some new blood to keep the program running!
Checking out an art class this spring is a great way to check out the program, especially if parents will have an incoming kindergarten student for 2018/2019. Kindergarten currently meets on Thursday (8:30 or 10:30) or Friday (1:30), First grade meets Friday (9:30), and Second grade meets Fridays (1:30). These times are adjusted each year based on volunteer and classroom schedules.
Several volunteers don’t have children in the class or grade they are teaching, and some volunteers can only help with hanging or with a lesson every other month. Don’t let your schedules hold you back if you’d like to help. This is a fun way to get involved and get to know others at school. The kids light up when it’s time for an Art@SMOS lesson!
If interested, please contact Kim Thoma or Valerie Hahn via Or, call/text Kim at 615-403-5328 or Valerie at 314-393-0520.


Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with Ice-Skating at Steinberg Rink

Thursday night’s ice skating at Steinberg is a long time tradition for St. Margaret of Scotland families.  Some of our alumni parents may very well remember going ice-skating as a school when they were students here.

Go to We-Share for your tickets and plan for a very fun event for all.  Remember – no school on Friday so stay out and skate and enjoy hot chocolate for as long as you wish.

Ice-skating, Steinberg in Forest Park, Feb. 1, begins at 5:30, entrance & rental – $10.00 at Steinberg


While on WeShare

Click on the Centennial Gala button, get a baby-sitter (we have plenty in our middle school) and plan for another fun night out – this time without the children! 

Centennial Gala, Palladium, Feb. 3, 6:00 – 10:00.


From the Athletic Association

Spring Sport registration is now open which include Track (5 years old to 8th grade), Lacrosse (5th-8th), Instructional Lacrosse (Girls 3rd-4th), Tee Ball (5 years old to 1st grade), Softball (3rd-8th), Baseball (3rd-8th), and Golf (2nd-8th).    We have opened our on-line registrations.  You can access our webpage by clicking on the link ( The fees for the sports are as follows: 

Track $35 early fee, then $55

Lacrosse: $65 early fee, then $90, Instructional - $10

Tee Ball $65 early fee, then $90.
Softball, and Baseball $75 early fee, then $100
Golf $80  (2nd-4th), $165 (shirt included)  (5th-8th)

Your child must be 5 years old by 4/1/18 to participate in Tee Ball.  Your child must be 5 years old by 6/30/17 to participate in track.


The early registration fee is from January 15th - 28th.  Starting on January 29th, the fee increases. Deadline to register is February 9th.


Some Calendar Reminders

January 28:    Open House, 11:00am – 2:00pm

February 1:    All-School Mass, we begin the day at church

Registration for the new school year is due

February 2:    No school for the children, a work day for the faculty

February 7:    2nd grade parent lunch at 8:00am in the school cafeteria

February 13:  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Because Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday share a date this year, at SMOS we will celebrate Valentine’s Day early in order to celebrate Ash Wednesday on the Wednesday 40 days before Holy Week.  In our Catholic liturgical calendar, unlike Christmas which has a set date, Easter is set by an ancient tradition based on the moon – the first Sunday after the 14th day of the lunar month that falls on or after the vernal equinox (March 21st or so). As 21st centurions we are so used to setting our own calendar dates, even moving long-time holidays to Mondays for 3 day weekends.  There is a certain fascination with using the ancient methods for calculating days even when the results are inconvenient – Valentine’s Day sharing Ash Wednesday and April Fools Day sharing Easter!


Note from the Today and Tomorrow Foundation/ Archdiocese of StLouis

Dear Principals/Administrators,


The online application will open for all families, new and re-applying, January 29th, 2018.  Alive! In Christ is first-come, first-served for any siblings that may be eligible, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Approximately 500 new awards will be available.


The application deadline for Beyond Sunday, SOAR!, Catholic Families Tuition Assistance (CFTA), and the Parish Employees Endowment Fund (PEEF) is February 28th, 2018.  Any family who would like to be considered for these programs, even if they are applying for requalification, must apply between January 29th and February 28th, 2018. Up to 60 new elementary school awards will be available in BeyondSunday. It is important to remember that siblings attending the same school are not eligible in this program.


We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls, which we anticipate will continue through the month of February and March.  Please encourage all of your families to use the Forgot Password tool on the Family Log In page if they need theirs reset.  Families from all schools and parishes who need technical support to apply or do not have access to the internet are welcome to attend one of the Parent Support Sessions listed below.   An RSVP is not required to attend and each session will be held from 3:30-6:30 PM.

·         Our Lady of Guadalupe (Ferguson): February 1st, 2018

·         Sacred Heart School (Florissant): February 6th, 2018

·         Seton Regional Catholic (St. Elizabeth/St. Robert – St. Charles): February 7th, 2018

·         Our Lady School (Festus): February 8th, 2018

·         South City Catholic Academy (St. Louis City): February 13th, 2018

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