Spiritual Environment

Faith-based Learning Environment

St. Margaret of Scotland School is built on a century of faith. Gospel values are the foundation for the formation of a faith-based, learning environment that is directed toward nurturing our community of believers.

  • All students in kindergarten through eighth Grade and all members of the faculty celebrate Eucharist as a reminder that they are bound together in love and faith.  Parents and other family members are always invited to share in the weekly Mass celebration. 
  • An atmosphere of prayer and reverence is fostered within the St. Margaret of Scotland school. Each day begins with prayer as the whole school is lead by students and the principal.  Teachers pray frequently throughout the day with their students, always closing the day with prayer.  Special opportunities for students to lead their peers in prayer are integrated into the school schedule reflecting the liturgical seasons and other important events.
  • Service is an essential element of student formation from the very beginning of school life through the culmination of elementary school at graduation.  Various programs and projects support the concept of serving others.
    • Within the classroom students are asked to provide service to their classmates by assuming various responsibilities. 
    • A buddy system within the school encourages students to watch out for one another by linking older students with younger students.  Buddies are often found sharing an experience or working together on an outreach program.
    • Throughout the school year there are special times when the entire student body cooperates on a project of service to the larger community.  Whether a child is washing off lunch tables or bringing in items for someone less fortunate, these actions are seen as reaching out in respect to serve another person.
  • Teachers nurture a quiet and prayerful spirit of respect for God, self, others and nature within their classrooms.
  • Each person is recognized and valued for their uniqueness.  A habit of respect is cultivated in the classroom and in all other places in the building, as well as, on the playground and anywhere students gather.
  • The school community strives to reach out to one another and to the broader community whether that be parishioners, neighbors, or people in other parts of the world.
  • All adults connected with the school are encouraged to be mindful that in all of their actions they must model Christian attitudes and behaviors.

Religiously Centered Events and Activities

  • All students in preschool through eighth grade participate in daily religion classes.  The classes are grounded in the Scriptures and Catholic Tradition.
  • All students in kindergarten through eighth grade attend Mass weekly. The preschool children join the larger community at Mass periodicallyThe students act as lectors and cantors for our weekly Masses, as well as writing and reading the General Intercessions prayed during the Mass.  Non-catholic children participate in planning for and leading prayer during our weekly Masses; during Communion they are invited to come forward for a blessing.
  • Parents/guardians, teacher, principal, and pastor share the responsibility for preparing children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. The preparation and first celebration for these sacraments occur in the second grade.  Parent meetings precede the celebration of Reconciliation in the fall and Eucharist in the spring. 
  • All students in second through eighth grade are invited to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent.  Non-Catholic students are invited to speak with the priest and request a blessing. Our students will speak of the feeling of reassurance and peace after this particular sacramental opportunity for prayer.
  • The celebration of Confirmation occurs every other year at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School for students in seventh and eighth grades. Preparation for this sacrament takes place during religion class, although there is a shared responsibility on the part of the parent, teacher, principal, and pastor to guide our Catholic students to this sacrament.   A parent information meeting is held in a timely manner once the date for the reception of the sacrament has been confirmed with the Bishop.


While St. Margaret of Scotland is a Catholic school, it welcomes students of other faiths and is respectful of their beliefs and forms of worship.  We believe that it is important for every child to develop a habit of prayer and worship.  Therefore, we encourage weekly participation of all students and their families in the worship of their choosing.


Witness Statement

Aware, of the dignity of the holy call to parent, and with reverent awe for that responsibility which is mine, I commit myself to be, in word and deed, the first and best teacher of my children in faith.  Practically, this means I should:

  • Regularly participate in the Sunday Eucharist (if not Catholic, regularly participate in worship and prayer) with my family;
  • Commit to speak more with my children about God and to include prayer in our daily home life;
  • Participate in and cooperate with school programs that enable me as a parent to take an active role in the religious education of my children, including sacramental preparation for Catholic children;
  • Support the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church to ensure consistency between home and school;
  • Teach my children by word and example to have a love and concern for the needs of others;
  • Meet my financial responsibilities in supporting our Catholic school.

(Archdiocese of St. Louis
Manual for Catholic Education, 2006)