Organizations & Opportunities to be Involved

School Board

The School Board has been established according to archdiocesan guidelines for the purpose of advising the pastor in matters of policy for the school.  The principal as the educational leader of the school serves as the executive secretary to the Board.  New School Board members are elected from among our school families and parishioners in the spring of each school year.



  • To establish the philosophy and goals for the educational program of the school consistent with the vision and mission the Church;
  • To interpret and apply the policies of the Archdiocesan Board;
  • To formulate additional policies which may be necessary;
  • To evaluate the implementation of policies;
  • To approve the budget to be recommended to the finance counsel/pastor;
  • To recommend to the pastor the employment of a new principal;
  • To develop long-range planning and community relations.


Observers at Regular Board Meetings

  • All regular school board meetings are open to parents, guardians and parishioners to attend as observers.
  • An observer is welcome at any regular meeting without prior reservation or notice to the school board.
  • Once the meeting has begun, additional observers will not be admitted.
  • Observers are invited to these meetings but may not participate by engaging in discussion, offering an opinion or interrupting the proceedings.  It is important that a friendly and respectful atmosphere prevails at board meetings.
  • Observers are free to leave the meeting quietly at any time.
  • The secretary of the board will record the names of observers in the official record of the board meeting.


Executive Board Sessions

Any executive board sessions held by the school board are not open to observers.  An executive board session is a meeting in which the members of the board are engaged in internal matters or discussions which are not ready for public presentations.  The school board President or the administration may, at their discretion, designate any school board meeting as an executive session.


Submitting Issues to the Board For Consideration

Any person wishing to present an issue to the board may do so by contacting the President at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.  If the topic is within the scope of the board responsibilities, then the President will allot time on an agenda for the visitor to present his or her topic.  If the topic is not within the scope of the board responsibilities, the President will refer the individual to the appropriate contact.


Procedures for Visitors Addressing the Board

Prior to the meeting, visitors should review the “Procedures for Visitors Addressing the Board.”

Procedures for Visitors Addressing the Board:

  1. Visitors should arrive prior to the scheduled board meeting time and will be given a copy of the visitor procedures to review.  They will be asked to abide by these protocols during the session.  The secretary of the board will record the names of visitors in the official record of the board meeting.
  2. Visitors observe the board while it is in session.  They can only address the board during their allotted time on the agenda.  They do not engage in discussion, offer their opinions, or comments on any topic being discussed during the meeting.
  3. When it is time for the visitor to address the board, they will be recognized by the secretary of the board.  Each visitor may speak for up to 3 minutes on his or her topic as identified by the President prior to the meeting.  Visitors may not present any new or additional topics.
  4. There is no discussion or debate between visitors and board members.
  5. All members will listen to the visitor’s presentation and, if necessary, the President or someone designated by the President, may ask a question to clarify a point or issue.
  6. The board may vote at that time, if motioned & seconded, to allow that person to address the board for an additional amount of time as specified by the motion. 
  7. At the end of the visitor’s presentation, the President will thank them for their comments and indicate what follow-up to the topic may be provided.

School Board By-Laws, Article V Conduct of Meeting Session III, Amendment, 2/27/2007


Parent Teacher Association - PTA

The purpose of the Parent Teacher Association is to encourage communication among parents, teachers and administrators in order to improve the quality of education and to promote a strong Christian community. 

  • PTA meetings are held at least twice a year.
  • The PTA sponsors a variety of activities for both students and families.
  • Room parents, under the auspices of the PTA, provide support for teachers by extending communications among parents and getting volunteers ready to help with field trips and classroom activities.



Our scouting organizations provide effective educational programs for boys and girls in order to build desirable qualities of character; to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship; and to develop personal fitness.

For more information about our scouting program and ongoing events refer to the SMOS website.


As in all viable organizations, the use of volunteers is strongly needed at SMOS.  They support student learning activities and the smooth operation of the school.  In short, we couldn’t do it without you!


School                                                                         PTA                                                   

Cafeteria and Playground                                           Pizza Lunches

Library                                                                                    Room Parent

Teacher’s Aide                                                           Maggie’s Closet

Tutoring students                                                       Mentor Family

Office                                                                          Dessert/appetizers

Technology programming and repair                                    VIP Day / Grandparents Day

Auction (odd numbered years)                                  Trivia Night

Musical (Christmas and Spring)                               

Special Academic Events                                           SHOPS Certificates                         

School Improvement Team (2007-2009)                   Church sales

School Board                                                              Athletic Association                         

Open House                                                                Coach

Development                                                              Building and Grounds                       

Marketing Committee                                                            Repair and maintenance

Scouts                                                                         Mandeville Fund                               

Leaders and assistants                                                            Committee member

Alumni Association                                                    Grant writer




Protecting God’s Children

St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School will comply with all Archdiocesan policies and procedures concerning Protecting God’s Children Program.  All St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School faculty, staff, and volunteers are mandated by Missouri law to report all suspected child abuse and neglect.

(School Board, 4/17/2007)


All employees and volunteers of the Archdiocese, which includes parish employees, working with or near minors are required to follow the Archdiocesan policy and procedures on child abuse.  All employees and volunteers who work or assist with children must participate in the Protecting God’s Children program.

  • Sign and return to the parish office the Child Abuse screening form and include with that a photocopy of the social security card.  This form is available in the school office or at our parish rectory.
  • Read and sign The Code of Ethical Conduct for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers Working with Minors.  This booklet is available at our parish rectory.
  • Attend the Protecting God’s Children video and dialogue.  This is available throughout the Archdiocese and at our own parish periodically.  Go to the Archdiocesan website ( and click on Safe Environment Programs for a listing of times and places.  Our parish presentations will be published in the Thursday Newsletter and parish bulletin.


It is our hope that each of our parents and guardians will participate in the Protecting God’s Children program for the sake of each of our children.  The program is intended to teach those of us who work with children how to recognize the signals of child abuse and some of the physical and emotional boundaries when working with young children.