St. Margaret of Scotland Parish Mission Statement
St. Margaret of Scotland Church is a diverse urban Catholic parish.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit and the example of our patroness, we are called to be a vibrant voice and beacon of the Catholic faith in our neighborhoods.
We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and action by:

  • Praying and celebrating as a Eucharistic community,
  • Educating children and adults to live a full Christian life in today’s world,
  • Serving others with unconditional generosity, and
  • Living just lives and working for a more just society.

        Revised 2004

St. Margaret of Scotland School Mission Statement
St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School is a diverse, urban, vibrant and inclusive Catholic community. We are committed to providing an outstanding learning environment for children, pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, in which they are challenged to meet their academic potential and recognize their giftedness in body, mind and spirit.  Our students embody the example of our patron saint by becoming responsible leaders and caretakers of our community through works of service and social justice.     Revised 2008

St. Margaret of Scotland School Statement of Beliefs
We believe that…

  • We are a school guided by Catholic teachings and gospel values.
  • We are called to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in our teachings.
  • All children have distinctive gifts that need to be discovered and developed.
  • Faith is handed on by living, teaching, and participating in the liturgy and the sacraments.
  • Self-discipline is essential to growth.
  • Learning is a rewarding, life-long process.
  • Diversity is enriching.
  • Every individual deserves respect.
  • Education is a family-school endeavor with parents as the primary educators.
  • Education should meet the needs of the student’s spirit, mind and body.
  • The school, the parish and the community are interdependent.
  • The school plays an integral role in forming a community of faith with other members of the parish and the neighborhood.
  • Catholic education emphasizes a commitment to peace and justice for all humankind.
  • Catholic education fosters missionary spirit and almsgiving, encouraging students to reach out to the wider local and global community.
  • Service is the avenue for children to learn understanding and compassion.