Extra-Curricular Experiences




The cafeteria provides a clean, safe and healthy place for students to enjoy their lunches. It is seen as a place to encourage positive socialization for students of all levels. 

  • Parents can choose to purchase lunch through the provided catering service.
  • Catered lunches offer a choice between a hot lunch and a cold/salad lunch
  • Catered lunches are purchased for the month, the parent/student selects hot or cold in advance of the month based on the menu of items offered.
  • Catered lunches are ordered by sending to school office the completed printed menu and order form from Fast Direct or form at the school office.
  • Parents who send their children with a packed lunch are encouraged to take great care to select healthy foods that provide the child with the healthy energy needed to finish the school day.
    • Sodas and other caffeinated, sugared drinks are not allowed.
    • Fast foods, pre-packaged lunches and other high fat foods are strongly discouraged for the health of the child and the environment.
    • Desserts should be kept at a minimum: fruit snack/roll-up, gold fish, and a cookie might each be a dessert – all three mean that the sandwich or soup will not be eaten by the child.
  • Fat-free white and chocolate milk and 100% orange juice is sold daily for those children who wish to purchase a beverage.
    • Parents can choose to purchase drinks by the year, by the month, or by the day.



The playground is an extension of the learning environment.  It is here that students have an opportunity to join in cooperative games and learn the give and take of fair play. 

  • Primary supervision during this time falls to teachers. 
  • Parents and volunteers are always encouraged to join in this service. 


Playground Rules are Fairly Simple

  • Children are not to bring toys from school for recess time; play things are provided by the school. Occasionally with teacher permission students may bring balls from home for recess to be shared with other students.
  • Children are not to leave the play area as defined by the wrought iron fencing and the circle drive except with specific permission from a teacher or the adult playground supervisor.
  • Games are to be cooperative and no one is to be excluded from a game or team.
  • Students are expected to join their classmates in games.
  • Students return to the building only with the teacher or parent-supervisor’s permission.
  • Proper clothing is to be worn outside in cold weather.
  • For safety reasons students are not permitted to play on the stairs, climb the gates, or play in the mulch.
  • The built-in playground is reserved for preschool through second graders.



When Recess is Over

From preschool through eighth grade:

  • When the 1st bell rings to indicate the conclusion of recess all students are expected to stop in their places.  
  • A second bell is rung to indicate that students are to walk to their places in line.
  • Lining up is expected to be a time of quiet and calm. 
  • The classroom teacher or adult on duty indicates when it is time to proceed to the classroom.


Personal Property

St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School assumes no responsibility for the loss of personal property brought to school.                                                (School Board Policy, August 2007)


Extra-Curricular and After-School Activities

Essential to any quality learning environment are the activities available for students beyond the classroom.  SMOS extra-curricular activities and experiences are integral to the total learning and developmental process for the whole child.


YMCA After-Care

  • The YMCA provides child-care from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on-site at St. Margaret of Scotland School.
  • Included in the aftercare program are a variety of activities intended to be age-appropriate.
  • All registration and payments are handled directly through the YMCA program.


Leadership Opportunities

  • Leadership is encouraged and valued at every level in the school program. In the primary grades, students assume responsibilities within the classroom.
  • Students at every grade level are offered the opportunity to lead others in prayer as lectors and cantors at Mass, by leading prayer over the PA system in the morning, and by being prayer leaders for all-school prayer.
  • Formal participation in the Ambassador’s program offer students in the upper grades the opportunity to speak on behalf of the school, to interact with adults interested in our school, and develop a sense of poise and self-confidence in a variety of different situations.
  • Safety Patrol provides students with an opportunity to experience leadership through their service. This duty is assumed by the seventh grade.


Bellarmine Speech League

  • Students in Jr. High are invited to participate in the Bellarmine Speech League, memorizing and presenting speeches in the Archdiocesan Bellarmine competitions.


Musical Opportunities

  • The Youth Choir allows students to contribute their talents for special events within the community, at liturgies, and for the Archdiocese.
  • The all-school Christmas musical provides the opportunity for students to use their creative abilities not only in song but in acting and as stage technicians.
  • The spring musical allows upper grade students the opportunities to perform and produce a play. (odd dated years only)
  • In their music classroom, students learn recorder and keyboarding and have the opportunity to perform those skills outside the classroom in local concerts.


Artistic Opportunities

  • Students in grades 1st through 6th are given the opportunity to attend Art Classes after school.  Students grow in their awareness of art, learn art-related skills, and produce their own pieces of art for show.


Dance Program

  • The Dance program after school is for students of any age.  They learn the skills of tap and ballet, as well as balance and grace.  Students have the opportunity to perform for parents and friends at the Performance Arts Night.


                              Athletic Opportunities

  • Our active sports program offers athletics for boys and girls at every grade level.
  • Parent volunteers coach these young athletes in good sportsmanship and knowledge of the different sports.
  • Soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, softball, and tee-ball teams are available.
  • Registration for sports teams is available through the SMOS-school.org website and is announced through Thursday newsletter and in the Sunday bulletin.


                              Scouting Opportunities

  • Participation in the Boy / Girl Scouts of America provides a firm base for developing leadership skills.
  • There are scouting opportunities for boys and girls at each grade level from Kindergarten through 8th grade.


Archdiocesan Guidelines Concerning Extra-Curricular Activities

All extra-curricular activities (outside of school hours) must be approved by the principal.  These activities must have an evident educational purpose.  The purpose of the activity and the requirements for participation must be clearly defined.  A member of the faculty or a qualified/responsible adult should act as moderator of the activity and should be present at all times during the activity.  The parent’s/guardian’s permission must be obtained for a student to participate in extracurricular activities.

                                                                        The Archdiocese of St. Louis

                                                                        Administrative Manual for Catholic Education, 2006