SMOS Athletics

Mission Statement of the Catholic Youth Council

The mission of the Catholic Youth Council is to proclaim Jesus Christ in word and action by serving the needs of every boy and girl, regardless of ability, religious affiliation or ethnic background, to develop discipline and skills necessary to obtain and sustain individual achievements, build character and to develop valued relationships and teamwork. With that mission in mind, the objective of the St. Margaret of Scotland Athletic Association is to foster sound athletics through programs that will promote good sportsmanship, respect for authority, self-discipline and leadership skills.

Team Availability

  • Soccer – Pre K – 8th (Registrations held in early-mid May)
  • Baseball/Softball – 3rd – 8th (Registrations held in mid-late February)
  • T-Ball-PreK-2nd (Registrations held in mid-late February)
  • Volleyball – 3rd – 8th (Registrations held in early-mid May)
  • Basketball – 3rd – 8th (Registrations held in mid-late September)
  • Lacrosse- Girls 5th-8th/Boys 5th-8th (Registrations held in mid-late February)
  • Track-1st-8th (Registrations held in mid-late February)
  • Golf - 2nd-8th (Registrations held in mid-late February)
  • Chess-3rd-8th (Registrations held early November)

The SMOS Athletic Association


If anyone is interested in joining the Athletic Association, please contact Chris Goudy.