SMOS Athletics

St. Margaret of Scotland Mission Statement

Saint Margaret of Scotland Church is a diverse urban Catholic parish. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and the example of our patroness, we are called to be a vibrant voice and beacon of the Catholic faith in our neighborhoods. We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and action by:  Praying and celebrating as a Eucharistic community, Educating children and adults to live a full Christian life in today’s world, serving others
with unconditional generosity, and living just lives and working for a more just society.


Team Availability

  • Soccer – Pre K – 8th (Registrations held in early-mid May)
  • Baseball/Softball – 3rd – 8th (Registrations held in mid-late January
  • T-Ball-PreK-2nd (Registrations held in mid-late February)
  • Volleyball – 3rd – 8th (Registrations held in early-mid May)
  • Basketball – 3rd – 8th (Registrations held in mid-late September)
  • Lacrosse- Girls 5th-8th/Boys 5th-8th (Registrations held in mid-late January)
  • Track-K-8th (Registrations held in mid-late January)
  • Golf - 2nd-8th (Registrations held in mid-late January
  • Chess-3rd-8th (Registrations held early November)

The SMOS Athletic Association


If anyone is interested in joining the Athletic Association, please contact Chris Goudy.