Students will develop proficiency in investigating and understanding scientific concepts and skills.

Students will understand how scientific ideas interconnect and build on one another to produce a coherent whole.

Students will recognize and understand science as inquiry and be able to apply it in all aspects of life.

Students will develop a knowledge of and appreciation for life in all forms, matter, and the universe.

Students will develop an ability to understand and act responsibly on personal and social issues relating to science.

Students will act in accordance with sound ecological choices for preserving the environment.

Students will demonstrate an appreciation for the history and development of science.

Students will demonstrate an appreciation for the human aspects of science and its role in the development of various cultures.

Students will identify the role that the Catholic Church has played throughout history in the advancement of scientific knowledge and understanding.

Students will develop confidence in their scientific capabilities. 

Students will use technology for research, investigation, and publication.

Students will develop critical thinking skills in the area of scientific thinking by engaging in learning activities using inquiry and problem-solving thinking techniques.