Students will show respect for the importance of the Eucharistic celebration expressed through their full participation in a worshipping community.

Students will explain, describe and participate in the seasons of the liturgical year, their special prayers and traditions.

Students will recite traditional Catholic prayers and prayers from other traditions and be able to compose their own prayers.

Students will plan and lead the school community in prayer.

Students will name and show respect for the seven sacraments and participate in them as allowed.

Students will read, research, analyze and pray with the Scriptures as the inspired Word of God.

Students will express respect for the Scriptures as  revealing God’s plan for our salvation.

Students will use and search the Scriptures with proficiency.

Students will demonstrate understanding of authentic Church teachings as promulgated by the teaching authority of the Church and will apply these understandings in their daily lives and when making moral decisions.

Students will recognize that the principles of Catholic Social Teaching are the linchpins for daily living and act accordingly.

Students will demonstrate a commitment to the Gospel call to share their gifts and time in service to others.

Students will study and model themselves after those people recognized as holy by the Church.

Students will describe acceptance, love and forgiveness as essential to building relationships in families and communities.Students will honor all life as sacred.

Students will share their religious identity, beliefs, and practices with others in a true spirit of discipleship.

Students will judiciously use technology as a tool for learning and communicating.