Curriculum Goals

Spiritual Goals:

  • Students will demonstrate Gospel values in daily decision making and interpersonal relationships.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic Catholic beliefs, including worship, evangelization, sacraments, Scriptures, doctrine and moral teachings.
  • Students will exhibit reflective spirituality characterized by prayer and awareness of God’s presence in their lives and in the world.
  • Students will express a desire to grow in a personal relationship with God by recognizing and responding to God’s presence in their daily lives.
  • Students will show respect for self, others, and the environment, respecting the beauty of diversity in all of God’s creation.
  • Students will act in the spirit of St. Margaret of Scotland as responsible members of the community and the world by involving themselves in community service and social justice activities.

Academic Goals:

  • Students will communicate thoughts and feelings clearly and competently when reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Students will integrate learned skills, concepts and knowledge across subject areas and real life situations.
  • Students will show initiative and independence in learning and life skills.
  • Students will apply various strategies in problem-solving.
  • Students will demonstrate growth in higher order thinking skills to critically question facts, solutions and ideas.
  • Students will ethically use technology across all subject areas as a tool for gathering, analyzing, and communicating ideas and thoughts.
  • Students will maintain portfolio collections as evidence of growth in their thinking and learning.

Social /Emotional Goals:

  • Students will express individuality in positive ways, acknowledging their own gifts and talents.
  • Students will express themselves creatively.
  • Students will show an appreciation for creative works of others.
  • Students will demonstrate cooperative learning and consensus seeking skills.
  • Students will work, individually and collectively, in building healthy relationships.
  • Students will develop their own emotional intelligence, as well as an awareness of the importance of emotional intelligence for thinking, learning and communicating skillfully.
  • Students will demonstrate responsibility for their learning and actions, as well as taking ownership for the learning environment.
  • Students will wear the St. Margaret of Scotland uniform with respect for themselves, the learning community and their school.
  • Students will participate in the practice of mindfulness.


Revised June 2011