Technology - Third Grade


Keyboarding Skills

  • Students will demonstrate proper keyboarding technique for use of letters: e c i b.

Output Devices

  • Students will identify the appropriate printer for a document.

  • Students will fully utilize the SMART Board eraser.


Word Processing

  • Students will create a word processing document using the font formatting toolbar.

  • Students will use technology skills to save and retrieve documents from the LAN (Local Area Network).

  • Students will use spell check when working with word processing programs.

Research Tools
Students will select appropriate links on a search engine.

  • Students will verbalize the reasons for and the process of using a search engine.

Ethical Issues

  • Students will demonstrate proper care for electronic equipment.


  • Undo    
  • Minimize

  • Num lock   
  • Maximize

  • Drop down menu  
  • Margins
  • Word wrap

  • Align