School Board

The Purpose

The role of the School Board is to advise and assist the pastor and the principal regarding policies and budget, and to advise the pastor on the appointment of a principal.


Membership consists of nine members chosen from among our parish and school families. They are elected by a vote of the registered members of the SMOS Parish and  SMOS parents with children enrolled in the school. Ex officio members are the pastor, principal, and the president of the Parent Teacher Association and a representative of the Athletic Association.


The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday each month (except in July) at 7pm in Canmore Hall.

2015-2016 Members

Father Matthew O'Toole Pastor  
Julie Hesed



Joe Kilmade

David Drebes

Assistant Principal


Shannon Fogarty Fisher    
Chris Heisig    
Emilie Overberg    
Noelle Collins    
Julie Padberg-White    
Julie Brueggemann    

Shannon Grass

Mike Marquard