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Mission and History

St. Margaret of Scotland School Mission Statement

St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School is a diverse, urban, vibrant, and inclusive Catholic community. We provide a challenging learning environment for children, prekindergarten through eighth grade, in which they realize their academic potential and giftedness in body, mind, and spirit. Our students embody the example of our patron saint as responsible leaders and caretakers of our community through works of service and social justice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Revised 2015)


St. Margaret of Scotland School Statement of Beliefs

Faith is foundational.

+  As a ministry of St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church, we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in thought, word and deed.
+  The Eucharist sources the Spirit of St. Margaret; we aspire to the summit of school life through our practice of the Sacraments and Works of Mercy. 
+  Catholic Social Teaching inspires our commitment to peace, reconciliation, dialogue and justice for all humankind.

Education is a family-school partnership.

+  Parents are the primary educators of their children. 
+  Ongoing communication between family and school benefits student learning and whole-child development.
+  Family and staff participation in school activities and organizations enhances the learning environment.
+  Self-discipline is the base ingredient for virtue and academic progress; it can be learned and exercised at every grade level.

All are welcome.

+  We provide a place of hospitality and inclusion as we live and learn within the body of Jesus Christ.
+  Our school fosters and nurtures community.
+  The diversity of our student body creates a rich community of learners among and between students, teachers, and families. 

We are “the Spirit of St. Margaret”

+  Our school serves as a catalyst for community and faith in our neighborhoods.

+  Students become living heirs of St. Margaret, whose Christian values inspire our community’s charism.

                                                                                                                        (Revised 2015)

History of St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School
St. Margaret of Scotland school has been developing great students and great people from its original building in South St. Louis since 1918.  Located in the heart of historic Shaw Neighborhood, our school attracts a diverse population from various backgrounds and persuasions.

As a parochial school, we are closely affiliated with our home parish, St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church.  Likewise, we are under the auspices of the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis.  We are accredited by the National Nonpublic School State Accrediting Association. 

The St. Margaret of Scotland school mission has always been to provide an outstanding learning environment in which children are challenged to meet their potential and recognize their gifts in mind, body and spirit.  We focus upon each child as an individual with unique strengths and talents, reaching out to each one at his or her own intellectual level.  In 2010, we earned the much coveted, national honor of being named a Blue Ribbon school of excellence. 

Our enrollment also includes 20-30% non-Catholic students.  The reason is both simple and profound:  their parents know that St. Margaret’s offers an exceptional education rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and an abiding respect for fellow human beings.
It is our commitment to welcome and respect all children into the community, regardless of race, creed or national origin.

St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School is a Catholic elementary school with:

  • 2 different preschool programs: Montessori and Theme-based
    • Both programs share the same curricula, but approach instruction differently
    • Both programs are multi-age, serving 3 and 4 year olds
    • Students are invited to study Suzuki violin
    • All students participate in Mindfulness, Spanish, PE, and Music
  • A traditional kindergarten program in which children learn essential social skills, how to read, a strong number sense and how to love God.
    • Students are invited to study Suzuki violin
    • All students participate in Mindfulness, Spanish, PE, and Music
  • The intermediate grades of 1st through 5th in which students build strong foundations in academics, the arts and their faith.
    • All students participate in Mindfulness, Art, Spanish, PE, and Music
  • A Middle School in which students prepare academically for high school and college as well as spiritually for a present and a future dedicated to service in God’s name.
    • In 6th grade students, having studied Spanish since preschool, may choose between Spanish, French and Russian.
    • In 6th, 7th and 8th grade, students may choose between general music and choir.
    • In 8th grade, students who excel in math are invited to study 9th grade level algebra in preparation for testing out of 9th grade algebra in high school.
    • In 8th grade, students are accepted into their first choice high schools.

The 2010 Blue Ribbon, a national award for academic excellence, honored St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School for its high standardized test scores and excellent programs that fostered learning at all grade levels.  Since then we have continued to improve.

In 2015we completed our campus by constructing a free-standing middle school building.  After much research, dialogue and prayer we determined and undertood a very successful capital campaign to accommodate our steadily growing enrollment.  In 2016 we are now a school of 2 homerooms per grade level (3 in preschool) and a steady enrollment of 470 students.  We are finished growing but determined to always improve.