Welcome to St. Margaret of Scotland School

Welcome to St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School. I hope as you browse our website you will feel as drawn to SMOS as I am. Our current families already know the excitement about learning and building friendships that happens here. Guests browsing through the website will get just a hint of our excellence in academics, our dedication to God and all of God’s creation, and our strong sense of community.

St. Margaret of Scotland has long been known for its vibrant and life-giving presence in south St. Louis. As a parish and school we have committed ourselves to the Shaw neighborhood and to our surrounding neighborhoods. We are committed, also, to the diversity that comes with being a city school: diversity in color, diversity in economics, diversity in culture, habits and beliefs. We belong to this little piece of the city and it belongs to us.

As principal of our school, I promise our parents a safe, faith-based, outstanding learning environment for their children in our pre-school through Eighth grade. I can’t keep such a huge promise alone. Our faculty and staff are amazing in their dedication to each student’s success in the classroom, in their dedication to partnering with parents as educators, and in their dedication to supporting and caring for one another. Our faculty and staff walk with me as we live out that promise to our parents. But, even we can't keep such a huge promise all by ourselves. Our students live up to the call to look after one another, whether it is how they treat their peers or how they watch out for their younger “buddies” – our students walk with us in keeping the promise that ensures a safe, faith-based, outstanding environment. But, even I partnered with our faculty, our staff, and our students can’t keep such a huge promise without the help and commitment of our parents. Our parents give generously of their time, talents, and treasures, not just for their child’s education, but for all of our children’s benefit. It is a community focused together that creates the St. Margaret of Scotland outstanding learning environment.

Enjoy our website, it offers a glimpse into who we are. But better yet, stop by and see us in person. We love company.

Peacefully yours,
Juliann DePalma Hesed
Principal, St. Margaret of Scotland School